People learn in different fashions, but the first step to learning golf or improving your game is to feel how easily the golfswing really works, and to understand what you need to know to improve...     

Forget the past, forget the Tip of the Month, and stop sifting through 2 million YouTube clips, and finally "feel" how to swing the club with the most efficient, easy to repeat, bio-mechanically correct swing, custom tailored to fit your build and strengths!

It's easy, and it works!
For the last 100 years, despite a constant evolution of the golfswing, there's only been three constant things all good players have done in common. Learn these essential concepts, and for the first time understand why you're not doing them; and how your own basic human 'hitting instincts' are what's been making golf so difficult.

Seeing the full fluid motion of your swing - not still pictures of "key positions" - and having it all to review between lessons - reinforces the concepts and allows for better retention of your lessons. By using proven kinesethic training aides during your sessions we'll
reinforce the 'feel' of the swing. Combined with expert instruction and guidance, this will be

'Your best golf lesson experience ever!'

'The Power of My Swing';   Swan and Almighty Love Noise

"Did I Say That Out Loud?"

James Awad, PGA Class A Professional
Board Certified Sports Medicine Trainer
Top 50 Golf Instructors in America
(203) 247-0023

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The 2016/2017 Video page with instructional clips, and featured tips and students will be running shortly.
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